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Approximate consumption of alcoholic beverages in Germany 1
Consumption of alcoholUnit201520162017 2

1 The consumption per inhabitant was calculated on the basis of the 2011 Census.
2 Preliminary results.
3 Exclusive of data on non-alcoholic beer. Preliminary results.
4 After deduction of reliefs from or refunds of sparkling wine tax.
5 For example, Sherry, Port and Madeira.

...=Data will be available later.

Approximate consumption of alcoholic beverages in Germany - as at July 2018.

Beer 3
Total1,000 hectolitre79,68879,24977,396
Per inhabitantlitre97.696.294.0
Sparkling wine 4
Total1,000 hectolitre3,0113,0162,859
Per inhabitantlitre3.73.73.5
Intermediate products 5
Total1,000 hectolitre115121129
Per inhabitantlitre0.10.10.2
Potable spirits
Total1,000 hectolitre of alcohol1,7491,7581,776
Per inhabitantlitre of alcohol2.12.12.2

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