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Public finance & taxes

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Therefore, the information offered here is not updated regularly. See our GENESIS-Online database for current data.

Statistics on tax revenue

Cash tax revenue by type of tax, before tax redistribution, EUR million
Tax type201520162017
1 Not including quasi-fiscal revenue.
Tax revenue, total673,261705,791734,513
Joint taxes483,178508,582538,817
Wage tax178,891184,826195,524
Assessed income tax48,58053,83359,428
Non-assessed taxes on yields17,94519,45220,918
Final withholding tax (including former withholding tax on interest)8,2595,9407,333
Corporation tax19,58327,44229,259
Turnover tax159,015165,932170,498
Turnover tax on imports50,90551,15755,856
Federal taxes104,204104,44199,934
Insurance tax12,41912,76313,269
Tobacco tax14,92114,18614,399
Coffee tax1,0321,0401,057
Spirits tax2,0702,0702,094
Alcopop tax212
Sparkling wine tax429401368
Tax on sherry, port and other beverages141517
Energy tax39,59440,09141,022
Electricity tax6,5936,5696,944
Motor vehicle tax 8,8058,9528,948
Aviation tax1,0231,0741,121
Nuclear fuel tax1,371422– 7,262
Solidarity surcharge (to build up the new Laender)15,93016,85517,953
Lump-sum import charges222
Other federal taxes001
Länder taxes20,33922,34222,205
Property tax-1–00
Inheritance tax6,2907,0066,114
Tax on acquisition of real estate11,24912,40813,139
Tax on bettings and lotteries1,7121,8091,837
Fire protection tax413442451
Beer tax676678664
Customs duties5,1595,1135,063
Municipal taxes60,38165,31368,495
Real property type A tax (agriculture and forestry)394394404
Real property type B tax (other property)12,82113,26013,561
Trade tax45,73750,09752,872
Other taxes 11,4291,5621,657

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