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Wage and income tax statistics

Annual income tax statistics 2009 / 2010
Income tax calculation schema 1
billion Euro
Only taxpayer with income tax assessment.
Income from the following sources:
agriculture and forestry8.77.9
+ trade or business114.0101.0
+ independent personal services70.868.8
+ dependent personal services834.0812.5
+ investment of capital9.911.9
+ rentals and royalties17.014.5
+ other income47.543.7
= total income1,101.91,060.4
- old-age relief amount3.94.1
- single parent relief amount1.11.1
= adjusted gross income1,096.61,054.8
- deduction of losses5.85.4
- particular special expenses147.1121.8
- extraordinary financial burdens11.610.9
- old-age provision contributions4.64.1
- tax relief0.40.4
= Income927.1912.2
- child allowance21.413.6
= taxable income905.4898.4
= income tax according to the basic scale185.8187.4
- tax deductions10.79.1
+ added child benefits6.64.6
+ entitlement to tax credit for old-age provision0.61.6
+ tax to be added in accordance with
Section 32d of the Income Tax Act
= assessable income tax187.5187.7

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