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Children in day care, 1 March 2017, by selected characteristics
Children in day care20162017
1 Excluding children in day care by child minders who also attend a day care centre for children or a full-time school.
of whom: by type of care
in day care centres3,413,5533,499,206
with children aged  ... to under ... years
0 to 338,17138,891
2 to 8 (excluding school children)851,946830,780
5 to 14 (only school children)298,122312,167
with children of all age groups2,225,3142,317,368
in day care provided by child minders1132,859144,742
of whom: by age groups
under 3 years719,558762,361
of whom: in day care centres614,600645,077
in day care by child minders1104,958117,284
3 to under 6 years1,992,9982,018,809
of whom: in day care centres1,979,1862,004,641
in day care by child minders113,81214,168
6 to under 14 years833,856862,778
of whom: in day care centres819,767849,488
in day care by child minders114,08913,290
of whom: more than 7 hours per day in a row
under 3 years403,122425,751
of whom: in day care centres355,547373,978
in day care by child minders147,57551,773
3 to under 6 years953,299983,935
of whom: in day care centres947,887978,391
in day care by child minders15,4125,544
6 to under 14 years199,038210,615
of whom: in day care centres197,957209,592
in day care by child minders11,0811,023

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