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Social statistics

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Social welfare budget

The structures of and connections within the system of social security are shown most clearly in the social welfare budget of the Federal Government. This annual compilation with a breakdown by institution gives an overview of social benefits provided by government institutions, public corporations, and employers. What is also shown is how much of the expenditure is funded by government transfers and by contributions of persons insured and employers. The benefits of the social security funds have the largest share in the social welfare budget. They are followed by the benefits provided as part of the assistance and welfare systems.

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Persons in employment in 2011: just under nine in ten with statutory insurance

86% of all persons in employment were insured under a statutory health insurance scheme in 2011. This applied to the large majority of employees (90%), while just slightly more than half of the self-employed (54%) were insured under a statutory health insurance scheme.

13% of all persons in employment had private health insurance coverage, that is, just under 9% of the employees and 45% of the self-employed.

Despite the obligation to insure, 0.2% of the persons in employment have no health insurance. The percentage is above average for foreign men aged 35 to 44 years (1.0%).




Parental allowance

Completed periods of receipt, by Länder and other variables

Completed periods of receipt by period of birth

Parental allowance for children born in

Children's allowance

Assistance for
war victims

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Key figures

Social expendi­ture,total2009/
EUR mn 760.6
Social expendi­ture ratio2008/
Benefits of the promotion and assistance systems
Old age and survivors2008/
EUR mn 292.7
Sickness and disability2008/
EUR mn 294.7
Children, spouses and maternity2008/
EUR mn 79.9
EUR mn 42.3
Housing, general life sustaining means2008/
EUR mn 20.2


Surplus of 4.6 billion euros recorded by social security funds in 2013

2013: home childcare allowance for just under 65,000 children

Number of recipients of assistance for nursing care up to 439,000 in 2012


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