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Population surveys are among the areas of official statistics with the longest tradition. Who does not know the population census from the Christmas story in the New Testament of the Bible?

Population statistics are about more than just numbers of inhabitants. In most industrialised countries, the changing age structure caused by decreasing births and an increasing life expectancy is one of the greatest challenges in socio-political terms. According to population projections, in-migration from abroad might slow down the process of ageing and diminishing in the population living in Germany, but it will not be able to stop it. Migration and integration will be central socio-political issues for the foreseeable future.

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Key figures

Population (31.12.)201380.8 mn
At-risk-of-poverty rate201316.1%
Social expenditure ratio20116.8%
Share of education expenditure in gross domestic product201031.3%
Health expenditure2012€ bn 300
Debt of public budgets per inhabitant2013 25,289

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