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Press release 354 / 2018-09-20: 2nd quarter of 2018: real earnings continue to grow despite rising inflation

The index of nominal earnings in Germany rose by 2.5% in the second quarter of 2018 on the same quarter a year earlier. Consumer prices were up 2.0% in the same period. This was the highest quarter-based inflation rate since the fourth quarter of 2012. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that this corresponds to an increase in real (price-adjusted) earnings of 0.5%.

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Press release 355 / 2018-09-20: More bus and rail passengers than ever in the first half of 2018

Long-distance transport, 1st half of 2018

The number of passengers using means of public regular road and rail transport in Germany in the first half of 2018 increased by 0.5% from the first half of 2017. According to provisional results of the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the larger enterprises of public regular passenger transport carried more than 5.8 billion passengers, almost 5.8 billion passengers in regular short-distance transport and 82 million passengers in regular long-distance transport.

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Press release 356 / 2018-09-20: Increase of dwellings permitted from January – July 2018: 1.9%

Buildings permits for dwellings per month

As reported by the Federal Statistical Office, the construction of a total of 203,300 dwellings was permitted in Germany from January – July 2018. Compared with the corresponding period of 2017 this is an increase of 1.9% or 3,900 dwellings.

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Brexit Monitor: Interactive charts on the UK and its pending exit from the European Union

In March 2017, following the Brexit referendum, the British Government formally initiated the process which will ultimately lead to the country's departure from the European Union. It is currently difficult to predict the precise consequences, but the Brexit decision and the departure from the EU is expected to impact on the economy, foreign trade, the labour market and migration. Our Brexit Monitor looks at the development in the United Kingdom using selected socio-economic indicators. Since the country is linked in a number of ways with the other EU states, the interactive charts also present the development in Germany and in the EU as a whole.

Current WISTA edition: adjusted gender pay gap calculated for the first time by Land

Differences in earnings between men and women in Germany are generally measured through two indicators: the unadjusted gender pay gap compares the average earnings of all female and male employees.

The adjusted gender pay gap measures the earnings gap of men and women with comparable qualifications, jobs and working lives. In his article on Pay gap between men and women, by Land in the edition 4/2018 of our WISTA scientific journal, Martin Beck for the first time presents results on the adjusted gender pay gap by Land. Also, he explains how such results are obtained. It turns out that the Land results regarding the adjusted gender pay gap 2014 are between 4.4% in Schleswig-Holstein and 9.3% in Brandenburg. They are markedly lower than the unadjusted pay gap, and their dispersion is much lower, too.

Key figures

Population31.12.201782.8 mn
Persons in employment2nd Quarter 201844.8 mn
Economic growth (GDP)2nd Quarter 20180.5%
Inflation rate (CPI)August 20182.0%
Share in gross domestic product
Net lending20171.0%
Public debt201764.1%

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Europe in figures features the wide range of data offered by the European statistical office (Eurostat) and enables comparisons between the EU Member States.

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The Brexit Monitor presents the developments in the United Kingdom, Germany and the EU based on selected socio-economic indicators.

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