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Therefore, the information offered here is not updated regularly. See our GENESIS-Online database for current data.

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What is RSS and how can you subscribe?

RSS is an XML based format designed for platform-independent reading and processing of news and other web contents.
Contents offered in the RSS format are referred to as RSS feeds or newsfeeds. Often they are marked with one of these orange symbols:




There are various applications that may be used to read or subscribe to RSS feeds. Many web browsers and mail programs can manage and display RSS feeds in addition to their main function of showing web pages or sending mails. Also, there are separate programs designed specifically for using RSS feeds. They are referred to as newsreaders, feedreaders or RSS readers. This allows you to always have an overview of anything that is new on our web site.

Browser or mail program

Clicking on the RSS symbol or on an RSS feed in your browser will show the RSS feed in the browser window. In most current browsers (for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera) it is then possible to directly subscribe to the RSS feed. In some browsers, you can even choose the application you wish to use. If you select "dynamic bookmark", the browser itself will be used.

In some current mail programs (e.g. Thunderbird or the Opera mail client), RSS feeds can be used as separate accounts. The account type is defined as an RSS account. Some older programs can be extended through relevant plugins.

For detailed information please refer to your program’s help function.

RSS reader

An RSS reader reads the RSS feeds you have subscribed to and informs you of new entries. If you are interested in a new article, just click on it so that the complete text is displayed.

Just copy the link to an RSS feed using the right mouse button or the browser URL box and paste it to your RSS reader.

Such an RSS reader provides you with news headlines and short news texts. Hyperlinks lead you to the full texts of the news provided on the web.

Here is a selection of RSS readers available:

To install an RSS reader, please follow the instructions of the web site offering the reader.

The advantage of using a browser or mail program is that everything runs in an existing program and you do not have to install a separate software for RSS feeds. However, the advantage of an RSS reader is that you can stay informed even without a browser or mail program.

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