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Therefore, the information offered here is not updated regularly. See our GENESIS-Online database for current data.



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On 31 May 2013 the statistical offices released the first results from the 2011 Census. This will have far-reaching consequences not only for legal regulations like those governing the financial equalisation schemes for municipalities and Länder but also for numerous sets of official statistics.

At the time being, the 2011 Census results are considered on our web pages on intercensal population updating. All other sets of statistics that will draw upon census results in the future are being adjusted step by step. We will keep you informed about further developments.


The data of German official statistics enjoy a reputation of high reliability both in Germany and abroad. The Federal Statistical Office has committed itself to assure and further enhance the level of quality achieved. To achieve this task – also in the European system – the activities of the Federal Statistical Office are based on quality guidelines. To assure the quality in the long term, the Federal Statistical Office applies a variety of systematic quality assurance measures.

Time series analysis

Today, time series analysis is an indispensable element in monitoring and forecasting economic trends. This tool permits to adjust the economic time series for influences impairing the detection of the medium to long-term trend of a series. Such factors occurring in the original data may be seasonal influences, calendar influences - such as differing weekday structures per month or quarter, moving holidays, varying school vacations or plant holidays - and extreme or other irregular values which may be caused, for instance, by strikes. Consequently, most analytical methods aim at decomposing the observed time series data into components.

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