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Quality assurance

The Federal Statistical Office applies a variety of systematic quality assurance measures. Those measures ensure that we produce high-quality statistical information on the basis of methodologically sound and efficient production processes. With its Statistical Quality Offensive, the Federal Statistical Office has introduced a comprehensive quality management system based on Total Quality Management (TQM). The conceptual framework is the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Model.

We apply standardised, well-proven and transparent revision procedures

A revision is a modification of already published results as new or improved data become available and are incorporated into the calculation or when methodological and conceptual changes are made.

The general revisions policy of the Statistical Offices of the Federation and the Länder describes the revision procedures which apply to all statistical domains in a transparent and comprehensible manner so as to increase the trust in official statistics and further enhance the usability of statistics.

The general revisions policy is supplemented by the revision calendar of the Federal Statistical Office. The revision calendar provides an overview of which sets of statistics are subject to revision and describes the respective revisions cycle by means of a standardised structure.

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