Press Drinking water flat rates for households in 99 tariff areas in 2016

Press release No. 462 of 18 December 2017

WIESBADEN – In 99 tariff areas, households paid exclusively a basic charge (flat rate) for drinking water supply in 2016, which averaged 85.42 euros for the whole year. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that this tariff type is most common in the Länder of Bayern (56 tariff areas) and Schleswig-Holstein (33 tariff areas). Typically, drinking water charges consist of a consumption-based component and a basic charge. This tariff system is applied in most of the tariff areas (12,662). The households in these areas paid an average of 1.72 euros per cubic metre of drinking water and an annual basic charge that averaged 79.30 euros in 2016. In this tariff system, an average-sized household (2.02 persons) with an average water consumption (121 litres per person and day) pays 233.34 euros per year.

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