Press Crafts: 5.4 million persons employed in 2019 

Press release No. 458 of 29 September 2021

WIESBADEN – In 2019 approximately 5.4 million people in Germany worked in crafts with compulsory or non-compulsory approval. This included over 4.1 million employees subject to social insurance and roughly 701,600 marginally paid employees. Based on results of the latest census of crafts, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that the roughly 560,300 craft enterprises achieved a turnover of about 634 billion euros.

Detailed results on the structure of crafts are contained in the tables on the census of crafts (53111) of the GENESIS-Online database. The information is also available in Fachserie 4, Reihe 7.2 „Unternehmen, tätige Personen und Umsatz im Handwerk". (only in German)

The statistical offices of the Länder publish detailed results on the Länder.

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