Press Flights in summer 2022: number of departing air passengers more than doubled

Press release No. 502 of 30 November 2022

  • Just over 55 million passengers embarked at the major German airports for flights abroad in 2022: more than twice as many as in summer 2021, but just over 23% less than in summer 2019
  • Spain is most popular destination (8.97 million air passengers), followed by Turkey (6.45 million) and Italy (3.98 million)

WIESBADEN – A total of roughly 54.6 million air passengers travelled from Germany to foreign countries during the summer schedule from April to October 2022. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reports that this was an increase in passengers of 28.7 million, or 111.0%, compared with the summer schedule of 2021, which was strongly affected by travel restrictions due to the pandemic. Domestic air transport (4.46 million departed air passengers) grew, although the increase (84.2%) was smaller than that of international transport. In total air transport, the number of embarked air passengers in summer 2022 thus more than doubled (+108.7%) on a year earlier to roughly 59.0 million.

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