Press Public education expenditure up 3.3% in 2021

Press release No. 520 of 8 December 2022

  • Public sector spent roughly 169 billion euros on education
  • Education expenditure accounted for 4.7% of GDP, per capita expenditure at 2,034 euros

WIESBADEN – The education expenditure of the Federation, Länder and municipalities increased to 169.3 billion euros in 2021. That was an increase of roughly 5.3 billion euros, or 3.3%, compared with 2020. Schools received 82.8 billion euros, which was just under half (48.9%) of the public education expenditure in 2021. Day care for children accounted for 39.5 billion euros (23.3%) and the higher education sector for 33.9 billion euros (20.0%). When related to the total population, public budgets spent roughly 2,034 euros per inhabitant on education in 2021. These figures were released by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) in the annual Bildungsfinanzbericht 2022 (Education Finance Report) (only in german), based on provisional data of the public budgets.

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