Press Number of abortions up 9.9% in 2022

Roughly 104,000 cases reported – almost three fourths of the women were under 35 years

Press release No. 120 of 27 March 2023

WIESBADEN – Approximately 104,000 cases of abortions were reported in Germany in 2022, which was an increase of 9.9% compared with the previous year in which the lowest level (94,600 cases) had been reached since the statistics began. According to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the number of abortions thus also exceeded the levels of the years 2014 to 2020, when the number of reported cases had always ranged between roughly 99,000 and 101,000. The most recent year in which the number of abortions was higher than in 2022 is 2012 (106,800 cases). No obvious cause for the strong increase in 2022 can be identified from the data available.

Basic data and long time series are available in tables Statistics of abortions (23311) in the GENESIS-Online database.

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