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The pages of the Federal Statistical Office were redesigned in March 2012 and now they have a more modern and more clearly structured surface. In that context, all URLs have changed, so that old bookmarks or favourites are no longer valid. The structure of topics has largely remained unchanged.

How to navigate

Classic view: To give more space to current information, the navigation structure on the home page has been condensed to a tabbed navigation which, however, opens as soon as you move the mouse over it. When you click on a navigation item, the left-hand navigation area will open. The navigation hierarchy will remain visible when moving to the subareas, so that you can always see where you are in the navigation tree.

Mobile view: The navigation and the page content are displayed one below the other. The subnavigation is displayed only when required. To do so, click on "Open submenu" or "Close submenu".

Also, the sitemap gives an overview of the topics and subtopics offered.


The search field is on top right of any page.

When you have done your first search, you will find further search options on the page showing the hit list:

  • Sort the search results by relevance or date
  • Restrict search results

    • to a specific period
    • to a specific document type, e.g. press releases
    • to a given topic.

By entering several search terms in the search field and putting a (+) between the search terms, you can restrict the search (AND link). Thewildcards (*) forany string of charactersand (?) fora single character can be used in the search. The tilde symbol (~) at the end of a single word supports the fuzzy search.

Print function

The contents of the website have been optimised for print-out.

When JavaScript is activated, there are a "Print" and a "Print preview" button on the bottom of the page.Clicking on the “Print” button will open the print dialogue box in a new window.

When JavaScript is deactivated, you will get to that dialogue box through the "File" menu and "Print" item (orthrough the shortcut <Strg>+<P>).

File download

Not all documents offered for download are accessible to all. Many documents are old documents for which the initial document is no longer available.Such documents are not revised in terms of accessibility.

Our goal is to offer – where possible and reasonable – accessible PDF filesorto offer the contents in the HTML format.

If you need contents from older documents in a form accessible to you,please contact us through the contact form.We will try to make the contents available to you in a different form where possible.

Audio/Video files

To view the videos embedded in this page, you need the Flash Plugin, version 8 or higher for your browser. You may download the program free of charge from

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