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Library in brief

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As a library specialised in statistics, the library of the Federal Statistical Office collects official statistics of Germany, foreign countries and international organisations.The stock of statistical yearbooks and periodicals, which is unique in Germany, is accessible to the general public and available to researchers and students at any German university through the lending network of libraries.

Apart from the services offered to third parties, however, it is in particular a service unit for the staff of the Federal Statistical Office, the Council of Economic Experts and the Federal Institute for Population Research

Literature search

The webOPAC of the library of the Federal Statistical Office supports literature search records the library stocks from year of publication 1982. Apart from monographs, series, and other series similar to periodicals, all periodicals we have subscribed to are shown there. Of course, the webOPAC also contains the electronic resources and most of the Federal Statistical Office’s own publications. The complete range of subject-matter series (Fachserien) of this Office, however, is not included in the OPAC, but in the publications catalogue.

Borrowing from the library

The library of the Federal Statistical Office is open to anyone interested – it can be used free of charge. Private individuals who provide evidence of their place of residence being in, or close to Wiesbaden (up to about 30 km) can borrow media to a limited extent. The terms of use of the library are binding.

Reading room

In our reading room, we offer 12 workplaces to our visitors. There you may consult basic and standard literature (manuals, major textbooks, dictionairies, laws, etc.) arranged by subject group.

Other services

Our guided tours through the library are one of our services and give an introduction to using our specialised scientific library. They give not only an overview of our stock of printed literature, audiovisual media, periodicals, newspapers, and online resources but also shows the various ways of researching literature. Prior registration is preferable.

Joint archive of online publications: the Statistical Library

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The statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder have changed over from printed publications to online versions for most of their publications to accelerate the dissemination of results and to reduce printing costs. These publications are offered as a common stock of information in the Statistical Library (only in German).

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