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The library of the Federal Statistical Office is the largest German library specialised in literature on statistical methods and results. Its second major function – apart from supplying the Destatis staff with literature – is to provide information to the general public. With its comprehensive and complex stock of media, it is one of the more important German administrative and specialised libraries.

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We collect literature in the following areas:

  • Statistics
  • Economic sciences (economics and business administration, empirical economic research)
  • Social science and demography
  • Environment
  • Law and administration

Our stock comprises:

  • Current and older official statistics of the Federation and the Länder
  • Historical statistics of the Federation and the Länder
  • Historical statistics of the German Reich and its Länder and of the GDR
  • Publications of foreign statistical offices, international and supranational organisations
  • Statistical publications of other institutions such as ministries, federal authorities, etc.
  • German and foreign textbooks and methodological literature on statistics
  • Publications of economic research institutes and other scientific institutes
  • Background literature on highly different fields that are relevant for statistics

Special stocks:

What is interesting especially for the scientific and research community is our historical stocks of statistical literature. Apart from volumes going back to the 18th century, we have, among other things, a complete collection of the publications of the Statistical Office of the German Reich.

Our stock of the series “Classics of economics” is worth seeing, too. It comprises facsimile editions of important fundamental volumes on economics.

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