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Press release 049 / 2013-02-08: Turnover in manufacturing in December 2012 –0.9% seasonal adjusted on November 2012

WIESBADEN – As reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) on the basis of provisional data, the manufacturing sector saw turnover fall in real terms adjusted for seasonal fluctuations and working-day variations 0.9% in December 2012 compared with November 2012 (following a revised –1.0% in November 2012). Domestic turnover decreased by 3.1%, the business with foreign customers increased 1.6%. Sales to euro area countries were 1.1% below preceding month’s level, sales to other countries went up 3.5%. 

Compared with the preceding year, real turnover in manufacturing showed a total decrease of –3.1% in December 2012 after having been adjusted for working-day variations. Decreases were observed in domestic sales (–5.9%), while turnover from business with foreign customers rose by 0.2%. Among foreign transactions, sales to euro area countries decreased by –6.9% and turnover for other foreign countries ascended 4.9%. 

For the year 2012, the (working-day adjusted) turnover in manufacturing was 0.9% below the level of the same period of the previous year; domestic turnover declined 1.8%, while foreign turnover increased by 0.1%.

Long time series on the turnover index are contained in the online database GENESIS-Online. 

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