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Press release 361 / 2013-10-25: Nearly one out of six people at risk of poverty in 2011


WIESBADEN – Almost one out of every six people was at risk of poverty in Germany in 2011 – that is 16.1% of the population or approximately 13 million people. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that their share was up somewhat on 2010 (15.8%). This is a central finding of EU-SILC (LEBEN IN EUROPA), the Community statistics on income and living conditions of 2012.

As in the years before, women were at a greater risk of poverty in 2011 than men. This holds for all age groups without any exception. For example, the at-risk-of-poverty rate for the female population under 18 years was 15.7%. Even though this figure is lower than the average determined for Germany as a whole, it is higher than the rate calculated for the male population of the same age group (14.8%).

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