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Press release 061 / 2017-02-21: Health expenditure up 4.5% in 2015

WIESBADEN – Health expenditure in Germany amounted to 344.2 billion euros or 4,213 euros per inhabitant in 2015. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that this figure represented 11.3% of the gross domestic product. Hence more than one in nine euros were spent on health. Compared with 2014, health expenditure increased by 15.0 billion euros or 4.5%. For the fourth year in a row, it increased more rapidly than the gross domestic product. For 2016 the Federal Statistical Office forecasts an increase in health expenditure to 359.1 billion euros

Basic data and long time series are available in tables "23611 Health expenditure" in the GENESIS-Online database.

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