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Press release 299 / 2018-08-14: Gross domestic product up 0.5% in the 2nd quarter of 2018

Gross domestic product, 2nd quarter of 2018

  • +0.5 % on the previous quarter (price, seasonally and calendar-adjusted)
  • +2.3 % on the same quarter a year earlier (price-adjusted)
  • +2.0 % on the same quarter a year earlier (price-and calendar-adjusted)

WIESBADEN – The German economy continues to grow. In the second quarter of 2018, the gross domestic product (GDP) rose 0.5% on the previous quarter after adjustment for price, seasonal and calendar variations. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that GDP growth in the first quarter of 2018 had been slightly smaller (+0.4%).

The quarter-on-quarter comparison (price-, seasonally and calendar-adjusted) shows that positive contributions came from domestic demand. Final consumption expenditure of both households and general government increased. Capital formation was up, too. There was a slight increase in fixed capital formation in machinery and equipment, in construction and in other fixed assets compared with the first quarter of 2018. According to provisional calculations, the price-adjusted development of foreign trade was characterised by increasing exports and an even stronger rise in imports.

Compared with a year earlier, the price-adjusted GDP rose 2.3% in the second quarter of 2018 (first quarter of 2018: +1.4%). When calendar-adjusted, GDP growth in the second quarter of 2018 was 2.0% (following +2.1% in the first quarter of 2018). There was one working day more than in the second quarter of 2017.

The economic performance in the second quarter of 2018 was achieved by 44.8 million persons in employment whose place of employment was in the domestic territory. These were 599,000 people, or 1.4%, more than a year earlier.

As every year in August, new statistical information was incorporated in the calculations of results for the last four years (from 2014) and for the first quarter of 2018 (see table "Comparison between previous and new figures: gross domestic product, price-adjusted, chain-linked") in the context of the first calculation of data for the second quarter of 2018. As is usual for seasonally and calendar-adjusted series, modified results may also appear in the whole time series from 1991 onwards.

Gross domestic product
Price-adjusted, chain-linked
 Unadjusted figuresFigures according to Census X-12-ARIMA
Seasonally and calendar-adjustedCalendar-adjusted 1Calendar effect
2010 = 100%22010 = 100%32010 = 100% 2% 2
1 For years the calendar-adjusted values are identical with the seasonally and calendar-adjusted values (except for differences due to rounding).
2 Change on the previous year or the same quarter of the preceding year in %.
3 Change on the previous year or previous quarter in %.
qtr = quarter
2014 106.962.2107.132.2107.132.20.0
2015 108.821.7108.721.5108.721.50.2
2016 111.262.2111.062.2111.062.20.1
20141st qtr106.153.2106.731.0106.443.00.2
2nd qtr105.621.5106.67-0.1105.941.9-0.4
3rd qtr108.991.7107.040.3108.831.60.1
4th qtr107.102.4108.071.0107.302.20.2
20151st qtr107.511.3107.92-0.1107.671.20.1
2nd qtr107.511.8108.560.6107.861.8-0.0
3rd qtr110.911.8108.890.3110.661.70.1
4th qtr109.342.1109.490.6108.681.30.8
20161st qtr109.682.0110.490.9110.272.4-0.4
2nd qtr111.453.7110.980.4110.292.31.4
3rd qtr113.051.9111.170.2112.932.1-0.1
4th qtr110.861.4111.600.4110.761.9-0.5
20171st qtr113.403.4112.841.1112.632.11.2
2nd qtr112.450.9113.460.5112.762.2-1.3
3rd qtr115.502.2114.120.6115.912.6-0.5
4th qtr113.272.2114.730.5113.852.8-0.6
20181st qtr114.951.4115.150.4114.972.1-0.7
2nd qtr115.092.3115.670.5114.982.00.4
Gross domestic product at current prices
 Unadjusted figuresSeasonally and calendar-adjusted figures according to
Census X-12-ARIMA
EUR bn.Change in % 1EUR bn.Change in %2

1Change on the previous year or the same quarter of the preceding year in %.
2 Change on the previous year or previous quarter in %.

qtr = quarter

20142 938.5904.02 943.0454.0
20153 048.8603.83 045.9533.5
20163 159.7503.63 154.1093.6
20173 277.3403.73 281.3324.0
20141st qtr719.6005.0728.6881.4
2nd qtr722.4103.4731.3060.4
3rd qtr747.8003.4736.3480.7
4th qtr748.7804.1746.7031.4
20151st qtr742.8303.2751.3750.6
2nd qtr750.5603.9759.2961.1
3rd qtr775.4803.7763.4680.5
4th qtr779.9904.2771.8141.1
20161st qtr770.4003.7782.4051.4
2nd qtr789.2205.2786.9380.6
3rd qtr799.8803.1788.8460.2
4th qtr800.2502.6795.9200.9
20171st qtr803.3704.3806.3151.3
2nd qtr808.7202.5816.7861.3
3rd qtr833.2404.2825.7111.1
4th qtr832.0104.0832.5200.8
20181st qtr828.9803.2837.9210.6
2nd qtr842.8604.2847.6281.2
Comparison between previous and new figures
Gross domestic product. price-adjusted. chain-linked
New resultPrevious result
chain index
(2010 = 100)
percentage change1chain index
(2010 = 100)
percentage change1
1 Seasonally and calendar-adjusted figures: Change on the previous year or the same quarter of the preceding year in %.
Unadjusted figures: Change on the previous year or the same quarter of the preceding year in %.
qtr = quarter
Seasonally and calendar-adjusted figures according to Census X-12-ARIMA
20141st qtr106.731.0106.590.9
2nd qtr106.67-0.1106.41-0.2
3rd qtr107.040.3106.750.3
4th qtr108.071.0107.700.9
20151st qtr107.92-0.1107.820.1
2nd qtr108.560.6108.300.4
3rd qtr108.890.3108.650.3
4th qtr109.490.6109.110.4
20161st qtr110.490.9109.800.6
2nd qtr110.980.4110.310.5
3rd qtr111.170.2110.680.3
4th qtr111.600.4111.140.4
20171st qtr112.841.1112.140.9
2nd qtr113.460.5112.850.6
3rd qtr114.120.6113.680.7
4th qtr114.730.5114.370.6
20181st qtr115.150.4114.710.3
2nd qtr115.670.5xx
Unadjusted figures
20141st qtr106.153.2105.933.0
2nd qtr105.621.5105.361.3
3rd qtr108.991.7108.771.5
4th qtr107.102.4106.732.0
20151st qtr107.511.3107.301.3
2nd qtr107.511.8107.241.8
3rd qtr110.911.8110.751.8
4th qtr109.342.1108.962.1
20161st qtr109.682.0108.881.5
2nd qtr111.453.7110.753.3
3rd qtr113.051.9112.651.7
4th qtr110.861.4110.391.3
20171st qtr113.403.4112.553.4
2nd qtr112.450.9111.861.0
3rd qtr115.502.2115.172.2
4th qtr113.272.2112.942.3
20181st qtr114.951.4114.371.6
2nd qtr115.092.3xx

More detailed results will be released by the Federal Statistical Office on 24 August 2018.

A long time series with quarterly results on the gross domestic product starting with the first quarter of 1970 is available here.

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