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Press release 362 / 2018-09-24: 29% of executives in Germany were women in 2017

5% of all persons in employment had more than one job

WIESBADEN – In 2017, the proportion of women among executives in Germany was 29.2%, which was lower than their share in all persons in employment (46.5%). Based on current results regarding the quality of employment, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that there were more women in executive positions than 20 years ago (26.6%). In 1997, their share in all persons in employment was 42.9%. The proportion of female executives differs between economic branches: In education (64.6%) and in human health and social work activities (61.3%), more women than men had executive positions. In these branches, the proportion of women among all persons in employment is higher, too. Executive positions include board members, managing directors and executives in trade, production and services. In 2017, 4.6% of all persons in employment were executives.

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