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The Federal Statistical Office's entire publication programme, which includes subject-matter series and many other publications, is available for download free of charge. Most of the publications are only available in the German language at Publikationen. Printed publications can be ordered from our distribution partner.

Specialized publications

Here you find specialised publications on such issues as National accounts, Population, Environmental-economic accounting, Information society, International data and also Country profiles.

You can access a more comprehensive range of specialised publications on individual statistics, though only in the German language, at Publikationen.

The results of individual statistics are published in Fachserien (subject-matter series). All Fachserien (only in German) are also available for free download at Publikationen. Some publications can still be ordered as a printed version from our distribution partner.

The Fachserien comprise several publication series showing the results of continuous statistics. Those series generally consist only of tables with methodical explanations. In some cases, specialized publications contain comments in the form of texts, for example the Branchenberichte (branch reports) in the service sector.

Quality Reports

Since 2005, the Federal Statistical Office has offered Quality Reports on all federal statistics. Through that medium, users are provided with standard-format information on the methods and definitions applied and on the quality of statistical results. Also, the quality reports contain information on other publications and contacts. Such additional information may be used by users to properly interpret the data and to better assess the information value of the data obtained.

Quality reports in the English language have not become available yet on all statistical products. In the left-hand column, you can see all areas on which we currently offer English-language information on quality and methodology. If you should have more specific questions, please refer to the contact data indicated in the quality report to get more detailed information.

The range of English-language Quality Reports will gradually be completed. Should you look for relevant information on a specific statistics now which is not listed in the left-hand column, please use the contact link in the navigation bar above.


STATmagazin – New ways for our range of information

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With our STATmagazin, we offer up-to-date and specially edited information on topics that are the focus of public discussion. Authors from all statistical areas write articles for you, dealing with the latest information and thus providing comprehensive and independent statistical background knowledge.

You may also subscribe to the STATmagazin editions using our RSS-Newsfeeds. This will keep you informed about current articles, even if you have not opened our pages.

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