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Immigrants: good command of German important for integration in the labour market

Net immigration in 2015 (1.16 million foreigners) was the highest in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. For immigrants who are granted the right to stay in Germany, integration in the labour market is important. A good command of German is crucial here.

The total employment rate of immigrants not born in Germany was about 69% in 2014. Immigrants with basic knowledge of German had an employment rate of 52%. It increased continuously with better language skills, reaching 77% among immigrants speaking fluent German (native population: 80%).

Especially for women who were born abroad and immigrated to Germany, learning the language is crucial for integration in the labour market. Women with basic knowledge of German had an employment rate of just 36%. As they learned the language, their employment rate increased and reached 72% among female immigrants speaking fluent German (native women: 76%).

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