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Information society

A product approach for Information and communications technology (ICT) satellite accounts
Satellite systems of National Accounts are supplements to the core system. Any specific supplement or satellite system is picking up a certain topic, which is not presented in the core accounts. Any such supplement is aligned to the structure of the core system of accounts. Satellite systems made up of satellite accounts could be distinguished as “internal” and “external”. Internal ones can be understood as making visible what is already included but not visible in core accounts.

Press reports:

Information technology in enterprises and households, 2005

Information technology in enterprises and households 2005

In 2005, official statistics participated for the fourth time already in the European pilot studies on the use of information and communication technologies in enterprises and households. On 21 February 2006, the President of the Federal Statistical Office, Johann Hahlen, presented first results at a press conference in Frankfurt. The press brochure "Informationstechnologie in Unternehmen und Haushalten 2005" (Information technology in enterprises and households, 2005) contains central results of the surveys, for example, on Germany's position regarding the use of information technologies in a European comparison, on the equipment of enterprises and households with computers and internet, on the internet use of various population groups, on the participation in e-commerce, and on purposes of internet use in various economic branches. Also, the publication for the first time provides an overview of the macroeconomic importance of information and communication technologies.

Two volumes containing tables on "Informationstechnologie in Haushalten 2005" (Information technology in households, 2005) and "Informationstechnologie in Unternehmen 2005" (Information technology in enterprises, 2005) provide detailed data, complementing the press brochure.

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