Experimental statistics Loan agreements of the credit services sector and information regarding online transactions


The information provided here is based on data reflecting weekly changes in the number of online transactions, new loan or mortgage agreements, and credit checks on people looking for a dwelling, which were supplied by information providers. The results show changes in the nominal data (without calendar adjustment) compared with the same week of the previous year.

Online transactions

Before a purchase on account is approved by a mail order company, a payment account is created by a payment service provider or an online service (including streaming) is activated, the identity and creditworthiness of the person concerned is verified. This figure shows the development of the number of the relevant checks based on the data from information service providers.


New loan agreements

This figure shows the development of new loan agreements concluded with private customers. Here, special attention is paid to the new loan agreements submitted by credit institutions to information service providers. The number of new loan agreements is an indicator of the trade with private customers.

Note: At the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, sharp year-on-year increases were recorded, with rates of change of 100% or more; these are special effects that could not be eliminated by the data supplier.


New mortgage agreements

This figure shows how many mortgage agreements were concluded with private customers. The new mortgage agreements are an indicator of activity in the real property sector. Here, special consideration is given to the new mortgages submitted by credit institutions, building societies, etc. to information service providers.


Credit checks on people looking for a dwelling

Landlords often ask potential tenants for a credit check assessing their ability and willingness to pay. The SCHUFA Holding AG is contacted for the assessment. Changes in the number of such inquiries provide an overview of the current supply situation on the housing market compared with the same period a year earlier. High figures suggest that the demand for dwellings is rising.



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