Experimental statistics Truck toll mileage index



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The truck toll mileage index provides approximate indications of the development of industrial production in Germany at an early stage. The index developed by the Federal Office for Goods Transport traces the development of the mileage of large trucks (with four or more axles) on German motorways. It is calculated from digital process data of the truck toll collection system and updated every working day during the corona crisis.

At intervals of five to nine days, the results provide a very up-to-date picture of mileage. The daily data of the truck toll mileage index are also published in calendar and seasonally adjusted form; the adjustment is carried out by the Deutsche Bundesbank. The methodological report is available on the website of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

As the methods of seasonal adjustment of daily data are still under development, the seasonally adjusted daily data of the truck toll mileage index are described as experimental.

Results of the truck toll mileage index are published in our press releases.

The figure shows the calendar and seasonally adjusted daily values and the weekly averages for complete weeks. Due to relaxed driving bans on Sundays and public holidays, only a slight decline in truck mileage compared to the usual level is presently observed on Sundays. However, truck mileage on working days has fallen very sharply since mid-March.

As before, the (non-experimental) monthly results of the truck toll mileage index can be retrieved from the GENESIS-Online database via table (42191-0001), the short-term indicator section and the Business Cycle Monitor of the Federal Statistical Office. Background information can be found in the article "Digital process data from truck toll collection as new building block of official short-term statistics", jointly written by the Federal Statistical Office and the Federal Logistics and Mobility Office (BALM) and published in the 6/2018 issue of the Federal Statistical Office's scientific journal WISTA. The development of the (non-experimental) monthly truck toll mileage index cannot be directly compared with the development of the daily values shown above due to the different number of days per month.