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Official statistics comprise many millions of data which, in turn, can be shown in countless contexts, depending on the issue at hand. As we are aware of this and, at the same time, want you to get the desired information quickly and easily in any case, please use our contact form to ask your questions. Your questions will immediately be forwarded to the competent unit.

For your research requests, the Federal Statistical Office offers the following information services:

Central Information Service

We can be easily reached via the contact form

  • if you have questions around statistics.
  • if you need help in dealing with our internet offers.
  • if you need advice on the availability of regional results.

Direct service lines are available for foreign trade.


The Press Office offers journalists a comprehensive, rapid and media-oriented information service on any statistical questions. It also provides interview partners.

Capital City Service

The Berlin Information Point of the Federal Statistical Office offers a modern and direct information and advice service in the capital city of Berlin, especially for the parliament, the federal government, embassies, federal authorities, associations and the scientific community.