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Therefore, the information offered here is not updated regularly. See our GENESIS-Online database for current data.

Interactive & Visualised

To facilitate understanding of statistical data, we often use images, for example, in the form of charts. Here we have compiled something different from our "normal" charts. What you will find here is interactive charts and other visualised material which we think can introduce you to various themes of official statistics. On this page you will find the following.

For interactive charts and maps on European statistics please go to Europe in figures.

To view the charts, you need a current browser allowing to execute JavaScript. If you have display problems, please refer to our technical notes.

Age structure of the population in Germany

This picture shows an excerpt pf the animated age pyramid

Here we present results of the 13th coordinated population projection through an animated age pyramid. You may choose between four alternative variants which are based on different assumptions. You can follow the development of the age structure over 110 years.

Age structure of the population by Land

This picture shows an excerpt of the animated age pyramid by Länder

In addition to federal results, data by Land are available on the basis of the 13th coordinated population projection. With this application you may, among other things, compare the developments in three Länder (only in German).

Personal Inflation Calculator

This graphic shows a preview on: Personal Inflation Calculator

You can use the Personal Inflation Calculator to show the price development while weighting the different product types according to your individual consumption pattern.

Video: consumer price index and inflation rate

Stillframe from the video "Consumer price index and inflation rate"

Every month, the Federal Statistical Office publishes the current consumer price index. Our short video on YouTube explains how the index is compiled, how it is connected with the inflation rate and what the basket of goods and the weighting pattern really mean.

Price Kaleidoscope

This graphic shows a preview on: Price Kaleidoscope

The inflation rate depends not only on how prices change. Another important factor is the weight with which the price trends of the individual product types are reflected in the consumer price index. The Price Kaleidoscope shows you the price trend and the weights of various product groups in the consumer price index.

Offline version: Price Kaleidoscope

Price Monitor

This picture shows an excerpt of the price monitor

You can use our Price Monitor to get an overview of the most striking price changes regarding the goods and services frequently purchased.

Business Cycle Monitor

This picture shows an excerpt of the business cycle monitor

The Business Cycle Monitor shows the development of selected indicators in a system of quadrants which cover the basic phases of the economic cycle. It provides an alternative to the usual charts where data relevant for the short-term economic development are shown on the time axis.

Traffic Accidents Calendar

This picture shows an excerpt of the traffic accidents calendar

Our Traffic Accidents Calendar visualises the development of traffic accidents over the last ten years. The calendar charts show accident data on a daily basis, so that you can get an overview, for example, of the days when an especially large number of accidents occurred. You may also compare alcohol-related accidents with accidents involving personal injury over the whole year.


Das Bild zeigt einen Ausschnitt der Karte "Migration.Integration.Regionen"

The interactive map on Migration.Inte­gration.Reg­ions provides an overview of the regional distribution (administrative district level) of the foreign population and of people seeking protection in Germany. Furthermore data are visualised on the integration of foreigners into the labour market.

2011 Census - Housing in Germany

This picture shows an excerpt of the census map

Our interactive chart "Housing in Germany" (only in German) provides information on the housing situation. It will show you, for example, where the proportion of new buildings is especially high, what the unoccupied dwellings rate is like and what the relation between average dwelling size and owner-occupier rate is.

Use our guided "tour of Germany" to learn what the map can do and to make your own analyses.

Regional Atlas

This picture shows an excerpt of the regional atlas

The statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder offer an interactive Regional Atlas (only in German) as a common product. Through thematic maps, the Regional Atlas shows well over 100 indicators on a variety of themes of official statistics for all administrative districts and towns not attached to an administrative district.

Census Atlas (1-km grid)

This picture shows an excerpt of the census atlas

The interactive Census Atlas (only in German) of the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder presents the 2011 Census results on the basis of a 1-kilometre grid.

Atlas of Agricultural Statistics (5 or 10-km grid)

This picture shows an excerpt of the agricultural statistics atlas

The online Atlas of Agricultural Statistics (only in German) contains a total of 16 maps on agriculture, focusing among other things on the number of agricultural holdings, their utilised agricultural area and their livestock. The statistical data basis is geo-referenced data from the census of agriculture 2010.

G20 in figures

This picture shows the logo G20 Germany 2017

Our interactive website on the G20 members explains and visualises internationally comparable statistics relating to the topics addressed at the past G20 Summit 2017 in Hamburg.

The website covers traditional G20 topics such as global economic growth and worldwide trade as well as current challenges, including forced displacement and migration, digitalisation and the fight against global health crises.

Thematic atlases

This picture shows an excerpt of the air transport atlas

The statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder offer specific atlases on the following themes.

In each atlas, you can have different variables displayed for different reference years in one map.

Technical notes

To use the products, JavaScript has to be activated.

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