Service Reporting online

Online questionnaires

Using IDEV (only Federal Statistical Office in English), you may report data online to the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder for various official statistics. You can report your statistical data directly through electronic online forms. Also, IDEV provides many support functions which will allow you to considerably reduce your reporting burden.


Contrary to questionnaire-based reporting, the enterprises or public agencies obliged to provide information can obtain the data requested by the statistical offices in an automated way from their software system, using eSTATISTIK.core (only in German).

Information on online reporting in foreign trade

The online questionnaire for foreign trade is available in the IDEV system of the Federal Statistical Office. There you will also find the form allowing you to set up a new account. For more information please go to the online help pages of extra-Community trade and intra-Community trade and see the Intra-Community Trade Statistics General Guide. Furthermore we have compiled a list of contacts to assist you with your foreign-trade related questions.

Data collection portal

The data collection portal (only in German) of the statistical offices of the Federation and the Länder provides central access to all existing online surveys of official statistics in Germany and the information required for reporting data. If you wish to report data through the data collection portal, you need an IDEV or e.CORE user ID for the relevant set of statistics.