Service Interactive grid map on "Experimental georeferenced population figure"

Experimental data

In a distribution procedure, the results of intercensal population updates are redistributed from the municipality level to a smaller-area level by means of mobile network data. More information on the procedure carried out is available at Experimental georeferenced population figure based on intercensal population updates and mobile network data from the Experimental data series.

The experimental georeferenced population figure is available on the basis of 1x1 km and 10x10 km grid cells and is visualised by an interactive grid map. However, the interactive grid map is only available as a German language application. The experimental georeferenced population figure determined is shown for every grid cell if the cells are currently filled with mobile network activities and are not subject to anonymisation. In addition, grid cells containing an experimental georeferenced population figure of 3 or smaller are kept confidential and the values are indicated as an interval from 0 to 3.

The interactive grid map shows the experimental georeferenced population figure at a small-area level. The experimental georeferenced population figures are shown in ascending order. Light coloured cells have a low experimental georeferenced population figure, while dark coloured cells have a higher figure.

The current data are as at 2019 and 2020.

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