International Statistics World trade 2021: Germany third largest trading nation

China and the United States were the largest trading nations in 2021. According to UNCTAD estimates, with regard to imports the United States was ahead of China with goods and services worth US$ 3,402 billion and a world market share of 13% being traded. China's imports amounted to US$ 3,094 billion representing 12% of the world total. On the other hand, in terms of exports of goods and services, China was ahead of the United States (US$ 3,608 billion vs US$ 2,557 billion). China accounted for 13% and the United States for 9% of the world's total exports.

Germany ranked third both in terms of imports (US$ 1,771 billion) and exports (US$ 1,995 billion). France came fourth in terms of both imports and exports.