International statistics Almost half of the world's population does not use the Internet

The Internet connects people all over the world. However, according to International Telecommunication Union (ITU) estimates for the year 2019 almost half of the world's population (46%) is still not using the Internet. Africa has the highest non-user rate worldwide. Here almost 72% of the population is offline. Non-users account for 52% of the population in Asia. Europe and America have the highest rates of Internet users. But even there 18% and 23% of the people are still not online.

Eurostat compiles data on the proportion of the population which has never used the Internet. In 2019, this applied to 9% of the EU population. Nevertheless, there are considerable differences between countries: In the Scandinavian countries, in Luxemburg, Netherlands and Germany the proportion was 5% or less. The highest non-user rates were recorded in Bulgaria (24%), Greece and in Portugal (each 22%).