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Spatial coverage: The Eurostat Online Database contains more than 300 million data about the 28 EU Member States, the EU regions, some important European cities as well as important partners of the European Union.

Statistical range: This database covers a very wide spectrum. Key topics include economy and finance (National Accounts), enterprise statistics, demography and social issues, international trade and production.

Periodicity / time series: In general the statistics are available on an annual basis. In some cases quarterly or monthly data is also available. The time series generally begin in the early nineties. Some important time series go back further.

Charges / registration: The database is accessible online and is free of charge. Users can opt to register allowing them to save data in their own profile and to download more data per extraction.

Further information: This is a particularly useful database for anyone wishing to compare the economic or social situation in various EU Member States.

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