Regional statistics List of Municipalities Information System (GV-ISys)

GV-ISys - published by: Federal Statistical Office

The List of Municipalities (GV-ISys) lists every politically independent municipality in Germany, including variables such as:

  • Official regional code (ARS) and official municipality code (AGS)
  • Municipality name
  • Postal code of the administrative centre of the municipality (or city)
  • Area (km²)
  • Number of inhabitants (total/male/female)
  • Settlement structure categories, such as spatial planning regions or degree of urbanisation.

A complete list of the German administrative levels with selected variables can be found in the following quarterly or annual tables in Excel format or as GV100 in txt format with a fixed record structure and corresponding data record description

Description of the regional and territorial units contained in GV-ISys, in German language (PDF, 5 MB, File does not meet accessibility standards)