Wine The area under vines increased by almost 300 hectares compared to the previous year

In 2023, wine was grown on 103,687 hectares in Germany. The area under vines thus increased compared with 2022 (+ 297 hectares). White grape varieties increased by 0.9 % or 626 hectares to 71,378 hectares. Red grape varieties decreased by 1.0% or 329 hectares to 32,310 hectares. Rhineland-Palatinate had the largest area under vines with 65,010 hectares, while the smallest area under vines was in North Rhine-Westphalia with 30 hectares.

Regionally, the areas under vines grew the most in percentage terms from 2022 to 2023 in the following growing regions: Sachsen increased by 2.9% or 15 hectares to 522 hectares, Saale-Unstrut by 0.8% or 7 hectares to 853 hectares, and Rheinhessen by 0.7% or 187 hectares to 27,499 hectares.

In percentage terms, the areas under vines decreased the most in the following growing regions: Mittelrhein decreased by 1.3% or 6 hectares to 460 hectares, Mosel by 0.5% or 40 hectares to 8,536 hectares and Baden by 0.3% or 48 hectares to 15,679 hectares.