Wine Stocks of wine 2023: wine stocks amount to 12.1 million hectolitres

On July 31st, 2023, 12.1 million hectolitres of wine were stored in the cellars of producers and resellers. Thus Wine stocks are higher than in the previous year (+ 927,000 hectolitres or + 8.3%).

White wine accounted for 63% of the stocks in 2023 and red wine for 37%. There were 2.2 million hectolitres of sparkling wine, that is 18% of total wine stocks.

96% of the total stocks of wine came from the Member State of the European Union and only 4% from third countries. 65% of the stocks were wines with a protected designation of origin corresponding to quality and predicate wines in Germany. Another 4% were wines with a protected geographical indication, these are local wines.

51% of the entire stocks were stored by producers, in the cellars and storage rooms of wine-growing holdings, wine cooperatives and wine-processing holdings. Wholesale businesses reported 49% of the wine stocks in Germany.