Crafts Crafts enterprises with non-compulsory approval

Census of Crafts, 2021
Crafts enterprises with non-compulsory approval1 , persons employed and turnover by groups of trades
Groups of tradesCrafts enterprises with
non-compulsory approval1
Employees annual average 2021Turnover3 2021
total2per enterprisetotalper persons employed
numberEuro 1,000Euro
1: Only enterprises (including enterprises which have become inactive in the meantime) whose turnover of goods and services is subject to value added tax and/or which have employees subject to social insurance or in marginal employment in the reference year 2021.
2: Including working entrepreneurs (estimate).
3: Including turnover estimates for members of integrated groups of companies; excluding turnover tax.
Crafts with non-compulsory approval total74,821887,6261240,000,84445,065
I main construction trades8,53923,35132,033,65087,090
III trades for industrial needs30,404714,9232425,586,97335,790
V foodstuffs trades1,19615,499133,182,590205,342
VII trades for private needs34,682133,85349,197,63168,714

As at 28 September 2023

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