Business register New unit names as from reference year 2018

There will be slight changes in the evaluations of the statistical business register as from reference year 2018. Tables on "Unternehmen" (enterprises) will be renamed tables on "Rechtliche Einheiten" (legal units), tables on "Betriebe" (local units) will be renamed tables on "Niederlassungen" (local units).

The background is that the EU enterprise concept has to be implemented. The EU Regulation on statistical units defines the enterprise as "the smallest combination of legal units that is an organizational unit producing goods or services, which benefits from a certain degree of autonomy in decision-making". Consequently, an enterprise may consist of several legal units. Until reference year 2017, legal units were treated as identical to enterprises in official statistics. Both terms were used as synonyms. Applying the EU enterprise definition will require a clear distinction between the two terms. From the business register, tables on "Rechtliche Einheiten" (legal units) and tables on "Niederlassungen" (local units) will be published, as has been the case so far. This means that (for the time being) only the names will change, rather than the content of the data provided.