Foreign-controlled enterprises Foreign-controlled enterprises in Germany 2021: About 3.9 million persons employed

In addition to manufacturing, comprises the remaining industry, accommodation and food service activities and the service sector exclusive of financial and insurance activities, 35,070 enterprises belonged to parent companies based abroad in 2021. From 2021, the areas of financial and insurance activities, education, Human health and social work activities, arts, entertainment and recreation will also be included. Although these enterprises accounted for not more than 1% of all enterprises, they generated a total of about 17% of the value added at factor cost, 14% of the gross investment in tangible goods and about 22% of the turnover. Over 10% of all persons employed in the economic branch worked in these enterprises. Consequently, the importance of foreign-controlled enterprises in terms of labour market and economic is much greater than their share in the number of enterprises.


There were about 3.9 million persons employed in foreign-controlled enterprises in reference year 2021. They achieved a turnover of 1,950 billion euros and a value added at factor costs of 458 billion euros. Examining individual sections of economic activity shows that most foreign-controlled enterprises belonged to "wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles" (10,333 enterprises), followed by manufacturing (5,247 enterprises) and "information and communication" (4,106 enterprises).