National accounts, domestic product Major Revision of National Accounts 2019

In 2019, a major revision of the National Accounts took place in Germany, as in most member states of the European Union. The revised results were published for the first time in a press release on 14 August 2019 (GDP only). Detailed results were published in a press release on 27 August 2019, as well as in a press briefing.

Major revisions of national accounts are performed approximately every five years (last in 2014). The main purpose of the 2019 revision is to refine the results by including new data sources and calculation methods. In addition, this opportunity was also used to comprehensively review and revise the entire national accounting system and where necessary integrate new findings into the calculations. In order to avoid breaks in time series, the results for Germany were recalculated from 1991 onwards. As a result of the revision, the level of revised GDP at current prices was on average a bit lower than before the revision. The overall economic picture remained largely unchanged, though.