Unemployment Rates

Unemployed persons and persons in employment 1, 2
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1: Population in private households aged 15 to 74 years.
2: Rounding discrepancies may occur, due to the presentation of rounded results.
3: Results based on the labour force survey, provisional.
4: Proportion of unemployed persons of the labour force (persons in employment and unemployed) in households aged 15 to 74 years.
5: Proportion of persons in employment of all persons in households aged 15 to 74 years.
6: Trend cycle component (X-13-ARIMA under JDemetra+; calculation: Eurostat).
Source: Labour force survey.
Unemployment rate43.
Employment rate567.668.0-0.568.1-0.7
Adjusted results6percentage sharesin percentage pointspercentage sharesin percentage points
Unemployment rate43.
People aged under 25 years6.
People aged 25 to 74 years3.
Employment rate567.967.90.068.1-0.2

As at 28 June 2024

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