Environmental Economic Accounting Carbon balance for the forest ecosystem

Carbon balance for the forest ecosystem in million tonnes of carbon
1: Partly revised data.
2: Provisional data.
Prepared on behalf of the Federal Statistical Office by the Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries (Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute).
Forest ecosystem
Opening stocks3,0383,0563,0733,0913,1093,1243,1383,152
Change in carbon stored1817191815141114
Closing stocks3,0563,0733,0913,1093,1243,1383,1523,167
Standing timber
Opening stocks885890895900905908910913
Change in carbon stored55553313
Closing stocks890895900905908910913916
Other woody biomass
Opening stocks490493495497499501502503
Change in carbon stored22221101
Closing stocks493495497499501502503504
Other biomass in forest
Opening stocks253254255257258259259260
Change in carbon stored11111101
Closing stocks254255257258259259260261
Forest soils
Opening stocks1,4111,4191,4281,4381,4481,4571,4671,477
Change in carbon stored9910101010109
Closing stocks1,4191,4281,4381,4481,4571,4671,4771,486

As at 20 December 2023

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