Causes of death Deaths caused by the 10 most frequent types of cancer

Deaths in 2022, total
Code number
Malignant neoplasms Deaths1
% share
1: Excludes stillbirths and declarations of death by the courts.
The total number of deceased persons is not affected by these corrections.
C34of bronchus and lung (lung and bronchial cancer)45,20919.5
C25of pancreas (pancreatic cancer)19,2048.3
C50of breast (mammary gland)19,1048.3
C61of prostate15,5906.7
C18of colon (large intestine)14,9456.5
C80without specification of site10,9474.7
C22of liver and intrahepatic bile ducts8,1753.5
C16of stomach7,9903.5
C20of rectum7,3273.2
C71of brain (brain tumour)6,2132.7

As at 15 November 2023

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