Hospitals The 20 most frequent surgeries of full inpatient hospital patients together

Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG-Statistics)

The 20 most frequent surgeries of full inpatient hospital patients together 20221
OPS Code 5Reason for surgerynumber
1: The survey covers all hospitals, which invoice according to the DRG
-compensation system and to which Article 1 of the hospital compensation law KHEntgG applies.
2: More than one operation per patient may occur. To represent complex interventions and partial measures, several codes (without duplicates) should be entered for operations involving several areas.
Consequently, more than one code may be shown for one case of treatment.
3: Surgeries total includes also heading numbers 5-93 up to 5-99 (additional information on surgeries), which are not reported separately.
All heading numbersSurgeries total 2,315,918,053
5-469Other surgery on intestine377,954
5-758Reconstruction of female genitalia after rupture, post partum354,796
5-032Access to the lumbar spine, to the Os sacrum and to the Os coccygis324,693
5-513Endoscopic surgery on bile ducts283,683
5-749Other Caesarean section261,050
5-820Implantation of endoprothesis at hip joint255,886
5-794Open repositioning of a multiple-fragment fracture in long bone joint area with osteosynthesis237,954
5-896Surgical debridement with removal of diseased tissue on skin and subcutaneous tissue207,670
5-839Other surgery on spine204,785
5-452Local excision and destruction of diseased tissue of large intestine201,953
5-822Implantation of endoprothesis at knee joint199,527
5-916Temporary soft tissue covering181,390
5-790Closed repositioning of fracture or epiphysiolysis with osteosynthesis170,929
5-900Simple restoration of surface continuity on skin and subcutis170,527
5-530Occlusion of inguinal hernia162,794
5-812Arthroscopic surgery on articular cartilage159,869
5-800Open surgical revision of joint 159,390
5-814Arthroscopic refixation and plastic surgery of capsular ligament at shoulder joint152,130
5-83bOsteosynthesis (dynamic stabilisation) of the spine148,339

As at 26 September 2023

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