Consumption expenditure Housing accounts for more than a third (37%) of monthly household final consumption expenditure

In 2021, households spent the largest part of their consumption budget (almost 37% or 966 euros) on housing, energy and dwelling maintenance. Household expenditure on food, beverages, tobacco and the like amounted to 402 euros, which was a share of just over 15%.

Transport expenditure - including, for example, expenditure on cars, motorcycles and bicycles, repair, and use of public transport - was slightly lower, accounting for over 12% or 322 euros. Expenditure on recreation, entertainment and culture was nearly 10% (255 euros). Interior decoration, household appliances and articles accounted for a good 6% (167 euros) of the budget. Accounting for more than 4% respectively, health expenditure (115 euros) and expenditure on restaurant and accommodation services (113 euros) were nearly the same. Households spent just under 4% (98 euros) of their budget on clothing and footwear, while expenditure on education amounted to less than 1% (18 euros).

These and further results of the continuous household budget surveys 2021 are available in the Tables on consumption expenditure.