Equipment with consumer durables One in almost every fourth households have a fully automatic coffee machine

At the beginning of 2022, 24% of house­holds in Germany had a fully automatic coffee machine. Five years earlier, in 2017, only 15% of the house­holds had such a machine. There were dish­washers in 75% of all house­holds in 2022. Every house­hold had a refri­gerator or fridge-freezer, every other house­hold (49%) a freezer.
92% of the house­holds in Germany had at least one of roughly 60 million flat-screen TVs at the beginning of 2022. Five years earlier (2017), there had been almost 53 million flat-screen TVs in 87% of house­holds. For some consumer electro­nics products the equip­ment rates conti­nued to decline slightly. In 2022, the propor­tion of house­holds with antenna TV connection was down to 8% (2017: 15%) and of those with satellite TV connection to 44% (2017: 47%).
Notebooks, netbooks and/or tablet PCs could be found in 85% of all house­holds at the beginning of 2022. In 2017, just 79% of the house­holds had one or more mobile PCs. The equip­ment rate regar­ding fixed computers, how­ever, stood at only 43% and was on the decline. In 2017, there had been fixed computers in 49% of all house­holds. The stock of mobile PCs increased from 58 million in 2017 to 72 million in 2022. In the same period, the stock of fixed PCs fell from almost 23 million (2017) to 20  million (2022).
At the beginning of 2022, nearly every house­hold (98%) owned at least one mobile phone, compa­red with 96% early in 2017. In contrast, the share of house­holds with landline tele­phones decreased to 83%, down from 91% in 2017. 96% of the house­holds had internet access in 2022, compa­red with 91% in 2017.
Early in 2022, 78% of house­holds had at least one car and roughly one third (33%) owned more than one passenger car. Most of the nearly 42 million cars in house­holds had been bought second-hand (24 million), followed by nearly 15 million new cars and two million leased passenger cars.

These figures and other results are available in the tables under Equipment with consumer durables.