This page will no longer be updated. It contains results from the continuous household budget surveys and the sample survey of income and expenditure up to the 2021 survey year.

The European EU-SILC survey is the official main data source for measuring income, the risk of poverty and living conditions. Therefore, current results for household income can be found under income, living conditions, risk of poverty.

Current results for household expenditure from the continuous household budget surveys and the sample survey of income and expenditure can be found under consumption expenditure.

Receipts, expenditure Income, receipts, expenditure

Income, receipts and expenditure of households1 in the time comparison2
Income, receipts and expenditure20162017201920202021

1: Excluding households of farmers and self-employed persons as well as households with a monthly net household income of EUR 18,000 and over.
2: In the year 2018 not part of the survey.

Source: Continuous household budget surveys.

Averages per household and month in EUR
Gross household income4,3374,4744,7344,7154,979
Gross income from employment2,7512,8643,0632,9793,136
Gross income from dependent employment2,7182,8313,0302,9583,104
Gross income from self-employment3333332132
Property income421437404410434
Income from public transfer payments9619801,0311,0751,155
Income from non-public transfer payments and receipts from subletting205193236252253
Taxes and expenses1,0581,1141,1981,1431,213
Income tax, wage tax, church tax and solidarity surcharge475500553516538
Compulsory social security contributions583615644627675
Employers’ subsidies towards voluntary or private health insurance and towards long-term care insurance in cases of voluntary or private health insurance3337413744
Subsidies of pension insurance funds towards voluntary or private health insurance23333
Net household income3,3143,3993,5803,6123,813
Receipts from selling goods and other receipts6061656967
Disposable income and receipts3,3743,4613,6453,6813,880
Income from property change and loans9138491,0181,0871,053
Private consumption expenditure2,4802,5172,5742,5072,623
Other expenditure1,6981,6781,9592,0492,171

As at 02 December 2022

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