Migration and integration Population in private households by immigration history and labour force participation

Population in private households, 2023, by immigration history
Labour force participation / status in employmentPopulation in private households
Totalwith immigration historyof whichwith a one-sided immigration historywithout immigration history
immigrantsdescendants of immigrants
in 1,000

As of reference year 2020 there have been two types of results: first and final results. The results currently shown are first results.

Persons in private main residence households are reported.
During the Covid-19 pandemic the microcensus was redesigned methodologically. The results of 2020 onwards are therefore comparable with the results of previous years only to a limited extent. For details please refer to the methodological notes.

/ = no data because the numerical value is not sufficiently reliable.

Population, total83,87521,17616,1735,0034,01358,686
Inactive population39,3979,6606,7272,9332,21827,520
Labour force44,47911,5169,4462,0701,79631,166
Persons in employment43,11710,9048,9381,9671,72530,488
Self-employed without persons employed1,85143238152691,350
Self-employed with persons employed1,75736430757541,339
Family workers1342924/ / 103
Public officials2,1711529754961,923
Salaried employees31,0557,7196,2871,4311,25622,081
Wage earners4,5851,7751,5901851102,701

As at 02 April 2024

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